The St. Stephen’s Millennium Green Lottery

Participating in the St. Stephen’s Millennium Green Lottery is an additional way to support the Millennium Green.

A draw will be held every month with 50% of ticket sales revenue going to the monthly prize and 50% going towards the upkeep of the Green. The goal is to have at least 100 monthly tickets sold at £2 per ticket which would give a monthly prize of £100.

Lottery participants pay by annual standing order purchasing a minimum of one £2 monthly ticket at an annual cost of £24. More than one monthly ticket may purchased at an annual cost of £48 for two monthly tickets, £72 for three monthly tickets etc.

The next monthly draw will be held on 7th August, 2024.

Draw Results

The Rules of the St. Stephen’s Millennium Green Lottery are:

DateWinning TicketPrize Amount
7th July 2023107£95
7th August 202338£94
7th September 202310£94
7th October 202378£93
7th November 2023144£94
7th December 202330£96
7th January 202438£95
7th February 2024108£96
7th March 2024171£93
7th April 202433£85
7th May 202458£90
7th June 2024104£89
7th July 2024120£89
  1. The Lottery is run as a ‘Small Society’ Lottery under the Gambling Act 2005 and is registered with the B&NES Council.
  2. The Lottery is organised by he St. Stephen’s Millennium Green Trust
  3. All proceeds from the Lottery will be put towards the upkeep of the St. Stephen’s Millennium Green.
  4. The subscription will be £2 per month per ticket payable by single payment of £24 per ticket per annum.  On registration the applicant will be allocated a Ticket Number or Ticket Numbers for each £24 per annum payment. Once payment is received the allocated Ticket Number or Ticket Numbers will be entered into the next monthly draw.
  5. A draw will take place on the 7th day of every month for a single cash prize of 50% of the ticket payment for that month. The winner of the prize will be notified by the Trustees. Payment of the cash prize will be made by arrangement with the winner.
  6. Draws will be conducted by at least 2 Trustees.
  7. Trustees are not eligible to participate in the Lottery.
  8. Lottery participants must be aged 16 and over.
  9. Each month 50% of the ticket payments will go to the upkeep of the Millennium Green and 50% to the cash prize.
  10. Participants can cancel their entry in the Lottery by giving one month’s notice in writing or via email to the Promoter (and they should also advise their bank).  Any decision by the Promoter to wind up the Lottery will also be by one month’s notice.  In such as case outstanding monthly ticket payment will be refunded.