St. Stephen's Millennium Green Lottery

There are two steps to follow in order to participate in the St. Stephen's Millennium Green Lottery.

  1. Complete and submit the application form below selecting the number of monthly tickets that you require.
  2. Set up an annual Standing Order from you bank account to make a payment of the annual amount for your monthly tickets payable to St Stephens Millennium Green Trust, Barclays Bank, Sort Code 20-05-06, Account No. 40719242. If you do online banking you can usually do this online. To help us you should include a reference in your Standing Order in the form of LOTsurname e.g. LOTSMITH.

Each monthly draw will take place on the 7th of the month. To be included in the draw for a given month your annual standing order payment should be made before the 7th of that month.

Application Form

*Date of 1st payment enter date as yyyy-mm-dd

*Mandatory field

I wish to purchase (please select) £2 monthly tickets.

The annual amount for your monthly ticket(s) is £24