Renewal Work On Paths Complete

The ongoing project to renew the paths on the Millennium Green is now complete. Many thanks to Duncan Spooner and his team for their hard work on a wet Friday to get the job completed. This means that the Green is ready for a good number of visitors during Spring and Summer

This means that two planned projects on the Millennium Green are now complete. The replacement of the rotten decking by the pond as well as the path renewal. The next project is the installation of a new 1000 litre rainwater tank which will enable much more use of rainwater for watering on the Millennium Green. The new tank has been delivered and is in place awaiting connection to the gutters. The other project planned for the Spring is to put new playbark down around the fort and the pig.

We are grateful for a legacy and for all the financial support that we get from our supporters to help fund these projects.