Event Booking

Our next fundraising event is a ‘Talk with Wine’ on April 10th, 2024

Wednesday 10th April, 2024 @ 7:15pm in the Sophie Cameron Centre, the Royal High School.

Access either from Lansdown Road or Richmond Road, Disabled Access available.

Tickets available in advance only. £12.50 each including a glass of wine.

The People of Roman Bath

In this talk Peter Davenport will give some fascinating insights into the lives and concerns of Roman Bath’s residents and visitors. After the Roman conquest of Britain, Bath was recognised as a site of strategic importance and a military presence was established to guard the pass through the Cotswolds and the crossing of the Avon. The earliest people in Roman Bath were therefore soldiers, Legionaries and Auxiliaries. In the following centuries, based on the hot springs, Aquae Sulis became an overwhelmingly civilian religious and recreational centre. We only have fragments of the lives of visitors and residents, but they throw a fascinating light onto those long-ago people.

About Peter Davenport

Peter is a leading authority on Roman Bath and is best known in Bath for being Director of Excavations for the Bath Archaeological Trust from 1980 until its closure in 2005. This was followed by many years at Cotswold Archaeology retiring in 2019. His publications include ‘Medieval Bath Uncovered’ and ‘Roman Bath: A New History and Archaeology of Aquae Sulis’. Peter is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, a member of the Institute for Archaeologists and of the Vernacular Architecture Group. He is a Trustee of the Roman Baths Foundation.

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