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  • Jam & Chutney Sale On The Green – Dec 9th

    A great opportunity for the last minute purchase of Christmas presents. A sale of Jam and Chutney on the Millennium Green taking place on Wednesday 9th December from 3pm to 4pm.

    Jars at £2.00 and £3.00. Please bring correct money if possible.

  • 2020 AGM

    This year there will not be a physical AGM of the St. Stephen’s Millennium Green Trust in November due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

    Instead we have organised a ‘Virtual AGM’. The usual AGM documents (previous minutes, the Chairman’s Report, and the Treasurer’s Report) have been posted on our website. View documents here.

    Any questions, comments, or objections can then be submitted via email at contact@millenniumgreen.org.uk.

  • Autumn Comes To The Green

    Autumn has now come to the Millennium Green with golden colours showing across the Green. Do go to the Green to enjoy the colours in the Autumn sunshine. Click on images to enlarge.

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  • Trustee Retirement

    After many years as one of our Trustees Brenda Bridgeman is stepping down as a Trustee of the St. Stephen’s Millennium Green Trust at the end of August.

    Brenda, together with her husband Ken, was one of the original driving forces behind the establishment of the St. Stephen’s Millennium Green twenty years ago.Over many years since Brenda has put in a tremendous amount of effort in ensuring that the Millennium Green developed and flourished to become the much loved community garden that the Green is today. She also spent much time working on the Green itself and has helped to organise many fund-raising events.

    As a Trustee Brenda has always been a wise counsel to her fellow Trustees and has always provided very sound direction and advice when the Trustees have met.

    The Trustees put on a (socially distanced!) ‘thank you’ event for Brenda on the Millennium Green. As you can see from the photo below we were blessed with a rainbow to mark the special occasion. Brenda can be seen with her dog celebrating.

  • 20th Anniversary Virtual Celebration

    June 25th this year marked the 20th anniversary of the Millennium Green Grand Opening. We had intended to mark this anniversary with a celebration during our events this year. As the Covid-19 pandemic has put paid to these plans we have produced a ‘Virtual Celebration’ instead. This takes the form of a short video that tells the story of the Green from the original concept and the building of the Green through to the wonderful community garden of today.

    Watch the video here. It is best viewed full screen if possible. We hope that you enjoy the video.

  • The Virtual Lansdown Open Gardens

    The Virtual Lansdown Open Gardens are now open and ready for your visit! This means that despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the physical Lansdown Open Gardens you can visit the gardens which would have been open via photos and videos. With all the wonderful weather that we have had recently the gardens are looking spectacular.

    There are six gardens to visit and you can finish on the Millennium Green with virtual tea and cake. Admission is free (any donations of course greatly appreciated!)

    Start your tour of the gardens.